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When Chrissie sees spirits during a near death experience, she doesn’t know they will guide her to the man who is destined to help her find her true purpose.

Many of us yearn for a more authentic existence that will yield answers to our deepest questions. Who are the spirits Chrissie sees? Why do they come to her and how can she use her gift to help herself and others? As Chrissie’s spiritual connection with her chiropractor deepens, their contact in the physical world sustains her through a devastating cancer diagnosis. In the turmoil that follows, she loses her career, her home and her marriage, but gains the insights that allow her to embrace joy and begin her life’s work as a clairvoyant, all with the love and support of the universe.

Honest, witty and heart-warming, The Clairvoyant and the Chiropractor is a memoir written as a novel, designed to help anyone on a spiritual pathway in search of courage, comfort and the knowledge they are not alone.

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